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Noah was here

And he means to stick around for a while

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Noah Singman
18 May 1960
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I was born in Elmhurst, Queens, New York in 1960. That part of Elmhurst became Middle Village in 2003. I lived there (except for the '63-'64 school year, when my father was teaching in Puerto Rico) until I was 19. I went to primary school locally, high school in Manhattan (Stuyvesant - a family tradition), and college (undergrad and grad) in Brooklyn (Brooklyn College, CUNY, '80, Chem & Math; '95, CompSci). I met my beauteous and oft-praised Jungle Goddess after graduating, and we married and are living happily ever after, mostly. After the second of our three was born, we moved out here to the wilds of New Jersey (first Montclair, then West Orange). I do applications (financial) and systems software, am fairly bright and lazy, and have fun nearly all the time.

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